Fall Beauty

It’s officially fall!!! This means cooler weather, pumpkin spice lattes, holidays are coming and my favorite obsession candy corn. I love summer so much but fall and the month of October gets me excited every year because it is my busiest month out of the year. My birthday and my little sisters birthday is in October, the first cheerleading competition of the season is in October, not to mention Halloween, school, and work is all thrown into the month as well. I barely have time to breathe, every minute of my day planned during the month and I love it.
So before my crazy schedule starts I decided to start off the fall season with a fun hair transformation! Just to tell you about myself I almost never cut my hair I might cut it or get it trimmed once or twice a year. I am always so afraid of it looking bad so I never get it done (I know that’s bad..haha); but I have a friend who is getting ready to graduate from the Paul Mitchell School so I knew she would make my hair look amazing without it being too traumatic of a change. My hair took about two hours and thirty minutes (did not expect it to be that long but it was worth it) I got a cut, color and style and it turned out amazing. I know most people go darker with their hair for the fall but I went the opposite direction and decided to go lighter. She ended up doing a balayage on my hair which is probably the only thing for color I will ever do on my hair because it turns out so natural and looks amazing, I would recommend it to anybody.
I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited about having short hair in my life but I have been obsessed with it. I also love it because I got to donate my hair to locks of love which is my favorite organization; they make wigs for children with cancer. I have done this a few times when I was in elementary school and will do this whenever I can. It goes for a great cause and after knowing people and children who have gone through cancer I love to help organizations like this whenever I can. So if you have very long hair and are considering getting it cut DO IT. Even if you don’t like the way your hair turns out its going for a good cause and like my mom always says you can grow it out and change it again (haha gotta love moms). Let me know what you are most excited about for this fall season down in the comments.

Hair Transformation


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