Fitness Routine

As much as I love the fall time and the excitement of the holidays that is around the corner. It also gets harder to stick to my fitness plan I set for myself. I don’t have a specific wrote out plan that tells me what to eat and when to workout. However, I do like to make sure that I am getting in the macro nutrients that my body needs and I find that working out relieves so much stress for me. I was doing great with following through with my diet and workouts in the summer, but when school started it started to fall off to the side. With working, doing school and coaching cheerleading I slowly stopped going to the gym and wasn’t tracking what I was eating. Even though it is extremely hard to find time for fitness it is very important to make it a priority. I am going to share with you what I like to do for my diet and fitness routine.
First, even though everybody says this, drink water. I never realized how important this was until I started tracking it and becoming more aware of how much my body needed this. It can prevent me from over eating or eating when I’m not really hungry. One of the easiest things to do whenever you leave your house is to grab a bottle of water, so do it!
Next, I find it very helpful to track what I eat. By doing this, it is making you aware of what you are putting into your body. I love to do this with the MyFitnessPal app because no matter where I am I can quickly type in what I am eating and see if it fits in with my calories and macros for the day. Having a flexible diet is a good balance for eating what you want, while also being conscious of what is going into your body.
For working out, this is really just going to depend on your personal preference. I do both gym and at home workouts, depending on how busy I am that day. For at home workouts, I like to go on Instagram and my favorite fitness account is from Alexa Jean Brown, I love her posts she has a lot of quick circuit workouts on her page. Also if you do have time and make it to a gym to get through the dreaded cardio session I like to listen to music or watch YouTube videos. Listening to music gets me pumped up and keeps me going, but if I want a change from that I watch Nikki Blackketter’s YouTube channel. She is my other favorite fitness inspiration. Watching a fitness vlogger is good inspiration to get through a workout.
I know these things may not work for everybody, but it is just what I like to do personally. I always like to see what other people do for their fitness routines and I am always changing and improving mine. Let me know what you like to do for your fitness routine down in the comments!


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