Finally Friday!!!

It’s finally Friday and to make it even better it’s Easter weekend. I love Easter because it’s when it starts to feel like spring to me; and I love having an excuse to go out shopping to buy a new spring dress! Today I thought I would share some of my favorite Easter things that I have found.

fa824295566b86e73d09c4dfa0426d35 I love the idea of these glitter Easter eggs, because it’s a classier way to decorate them rather than the multi color dyed eggs that we all did as kids. Also let’s face it glitter is always the solution to make anything look better.

57712c562c5c33fac4ac7af1b778e528 Okay seriously how cute are these?!?! Whenever I think about Easter candy I always think about peeps and this is a fun way to make them into delicious desserts.

6a968c10ae9fe4ef40c911247cf73218 If you are struggling for ideas on how to put together cute Easter presents all you need is a few extra Easter eggs. Putting these Essie nail polishes in them is great, also if you had some of the bigger Easter eggs you could put a NYX Butter Gloss in it too.

023c44050c71233eb9da862ab68a9264 Lastly, to not forget what Easter is really about I found the cutest picture. And it’s the perfect reminder of what is really important on Sunday.

I hope you all have a great weekend enjoyed with your families! Let me know what your favorites for Easter are ❤


Life with Liss


Today I am starting a “life” series on my blog and it’s going to be full of many different topics. I feel like since 2016 has started there have been so many changes in my life and I know there are many more to come in this year. First off if you saw my last beauty post, I had said that I have not been able to post as much as I would have liked to in the past week or two and part of that reason is I am starting a new job!

I am 21 years old and have had my AA degree since December of 2014. All of 2015 I basically spent trying to figure out what bachelor’s degree I wanted to pursue. I started taking pre-requisites and just wasn’t completely happy with anything that I was doing in school. My mom had mentioned that I should take a semester off, to take time for myself and figure out what I want. I was completely against doing this because I didn’t like the idea of not being in school and only having a part time job that doesn’t pay much. My dad had mentioned to me about possibly getting my real estate license before, but I didn’t have the time or the money to commit to this. In January, maybe it was the excitement of the “new year” feeling, but I had decided that real estate was something that I wanted to try out. Within two months’ time I took classes, passed the necessary tests and have been accepted to work with a really good company. Just this week as I signed my contract with the broker I just can’t believe how within a short amount of time I could go from “I have no idea what I am doing with my life”, to now starting a real estate career. I never really understood people when they would say your 20’s is a crazy, exciting time, filled with ups and downs but now I feel like I’m starting to see what everyone was talking about.

While I still don’t have a lot in my life figured out I am headed in an exciting direction. Starting something like a real estate career is intimidating. Especially since I am 21 and most people I have met in this business are at least 20+ years older than me lol. However, this is something that I cannot wait to start and I like that I am working for myself and not at a typical 9-5 job. I know that I am also going to have a few other exciting things to come within the next few months that I will be sharing soon! If you are still reading this, then congratulations for listening to me ramble on for this long. If you have any ideas or stories that you want to hear and think I should add to my life series let me know in the comments!

Alissa ❤

Weekly Beauty Obsession

IMG_5929Unfortunately, I have not been able to post as many things as I would have like to this week. I have had a busy, hectic, exciting week that I will get into about another post but today I had to share another beauty obsession. It’s the Neutrogena Hydro Boost water gel with Hyaluronic Acid, I am already on my second jar of this and don’t know if I will ever like a moisturizer better than this one. I like this because it is not like a typical moisturizer it’s considered a “water gel”. It is oil free and contains hyaluronic acid in it which is naturally found your body and it’s used for many different reasons but in this case it is basically gives your skin intense hydration. I use the smallest amount by just tapping my finger in the jar and it covers my whole face, after I rub it in my face feels so fresh and hydrated it feels amazing. I also like that it doesn’t feel like I’m caking a bunch of oil and thick creams onto my face. This product will also be perfect for summer, because when you put this on it gives a little bit of a dewy look which is perfect if your not wearing  a ton of make up that day. You can find this at any drugstore and Ulta  for about $20. Let me know what other moisturizer’s I should try that would be good for the summer time.


Happy Monday

ipsyTo start off the week with something fun I thought I would play with what I got in my ipsy bag over the weekend. I love the ipsy bag to try new products that I might not purchase myself. This month I loved my bag, the actual bag it comes in was super cute and I got some fun products to try out.

IMG_5919 The first product I was excited to try out was the Temptu bronzer. If you go on the Temptu website they have airbrush kits you can buy and use with this but you can use the bronzer without an airbrush kit and its great! I just used a buffing brush with 2-3 drops of bronzer on it and looked so pretty and natural on the skin.

IMG_5922 The second product I was excited to try was the NYX Liquid Suede liquid lipstick. I am obsessed with the NYX brand, everytime I try one of their products I am not disappointed and this one is no different. It’s in the shade Pink Lust and in person it’s a little bit brighter. It glides on smooth and dries with a matte finish since it is a liquid lipstick. This is such a fun shade for spring!

IMG_5921 This product surprised me I thought I was going to hate it and I actually really like it. It’s the Essence make me brow gel. I’m pretty sure I’m the only person who doesn’t do my brows on a regular basis lol. I just don’t like to use brow gels cause my eyebrows are pretty full already and I’m always afraid of looking like I have giant, bold, thick brows that over take my face. This product is great though because it fills in and sets your brows in place without looking too intense.

IMG_5915 I also got an eyeshadow brush by Paupieres. I have never herd of this brand before but so far I like this brush. It’s just a nice flat brush to pack on shadow, and the bristles are nice and soft. I’m excited to try this one out more.

IMG_5918.JPG Lastly I got the Marc Anthony 3 day smoothing cream. I have gotten a regular argan oil treatment for my hair by this brand before which I like, because it keeps my hair really soft and healthy looking. This cream however is suppose to make your hair smooth, eliminate frizz and keep your hair curly or straight for up to three days. I am excited to try this and see if it makes any difference in my hair.

I love trying out new products it’s so much fun! If you got your ipsy bag this month let me know what you get to try out this month.

P.S. sorry the pics look really bad I couldn’t get technology to cooperate today lol

Fashion Favorites

LC flip flopsEver since March started I’ve been so excited for spring and new spring collections! Since I live in Florida for me there isn’t much difference between spring and summer, it goes from being cold (my version of cold 65 degrees lol) to hot and humid. With that being said the second it starts to warm up I immediately pull out my spring/summer staple…..Flip flops! I know some people hate them or don’t think they are that great. However, I love them because in the spring and summer I typically stick to casual comfortable outfits since I’m outside a lot. Ever since I have found the LC Lauren Conrad flip flops I have not bought any other brand besides these. They come in many different colors and prints. When I found these adorable watermelon print I bought them immediately. They are comfortable and I can wear them for months without looking faded or worn out. If you go on the Kohls website or to any of their stores you can see all of the options that are available, they also have a cute flamingo print that I will probably pick up before summer. I am such a FL girl and can’t stop loving these shoes right now, it’s a problem I know lol. Anybody else who also loves shopping too much, let me know what I should look at for spring/summer clothes.

Weekly Beauty Obsession

I don’t know about anybody else but I love trying new makeup. Whether it’s high end, prestige products or drugstore I want to try it all. Lately I was not loving my setting spray and wanted a new one that kept my makeup in place all day. Which is hard to find considering that I live in South Fl. and its constantly humid. I have finally found an affordable setting spray that I love. It’s the Wet n’ Wild photofocus setting spray, when I spray this on my face I will leave my makeup on for 6-8 hours and my makeup doesn’t budge. I normally don’t use products from Wet n’ Wild but I love this setting spray so much that I will go back and see what else they have in their line. I only paid $5 for this product and this brand is so affordable why not try everything (the excuse I have to buy more makeup lol)! Let me know if you have any drugstore makeup suggestions that I should try. beauty01