Fashion Favorites

LC flip flopsEver since March started I’ve been so excited for spring and new spring collections! Since I live in Florida for me there isn’t much difference between spring and summer, it goes from being cold (my version of cold 65 degrees lol) to hot and humid. With that being said the second it starts to warm up I immediately pull out my spring/summer staple…..Flip flops! I know some people hate them or don’t think they are that great. However, I love them because in the spring and summer I typically stick to casual comfortable outfits since I’m outside a lot. Ever since I have found the LC Lauren Conrad flip flops I have not bought any other brand besides these. They come in many different colors and prints. When I found these adorable watermelon print I bought them immediately. They are comfortable and I can wear them for months without looking faded or worn out. If you go on the Kohls website or to any of their stores you can see all of the options that are available, they also have a cute flamingo print that I will probably pick up before summer. I am such a FL girl and can’t stop loving these shoes right now, it’s a problem I know lol. Anybody else who also loves shopping too much, let me know what I should look at for spring/summer clothes.


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