Happy Monday

ipsyTo start off the week with something fun I thought I would play with what I got in my ipsy bag over the weekend. I love the ipsy bag to try new products that I might not purchase myself. This month I loved my bag, the actual bag it comes in was super cute and I got some fun products to try out.

IMG_5919 The first product I was excited to try out was the Temptu bronzer. If you go on the Temptu website they have airbrush kits you can buy and use with this but you can use the bronzer without an airbrush kit and its great! I just used a buffing brush with 2-3 drops of bronzer on it and looked so pretty and natural on the skin.

IMG_5922 The second product I was excited to try was the NYX Liquid Suede liquid lipstick. I am obsessed with the NYX brand, everytime I try one of their products I am not disappointed and this one is no different. It’s in the shade Pink Lust and in person it’s a little bit brighter. It glides on smooth and dries with a matte finish since it is a liquid lipstick. This is such a fun shade for spring!

IMG_5921 This product surprised me I thought I was going to hate it and I actually really like it. It’s the Essence make me brow gel. I’m pretty sure I’m the only person who doesn’t do my brows on a regular basis lol. I just don’t like to use brow gels cause my eyebrows are pretty full already and I’m always afraid of looking like I have giant, bold, thick brows that over take my face. This product is great though because it fills in and sets your brows in place without looking too intense.

IMG_5915 I also got an eyeshadow brush by Paupieres. I have never herd of this brand before but so far I like this brush. It’s just a nice flat brush to pack on shadow, and the bristles are nice and soft. I’m excited to try this one out more.

IMG_5918.JPG Lastly I got the Marc Anthony 3 day smoothing cream. I have gotten a regular argan oil treatment for my hair by this brand before which I like, because it keeps my hair really soft and healthy looking. This cream however is suppose to make your hair smooth, eliminate frizz and keep your hair curly or straight for up to three days. I am excited to try this and see if it makes any difference in my hair.

I love trying out new products it’s so much fun! If you got your ipsy bag this month let me know what you get to try out this month.

P.S. sorry the pics look really bad I couldn’t get technology to cooperate today lol


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