Weekly Beauty Obsession

IMG_5929Unfortunately, I have not been able to post as many things as I would have like to this week. I have had a busy, hectic, exciting week that I will get into about another post but today I had to share another beauty obsession. It’s the Neutrogena Hydro Boost water gel with Hyaluronic Acid, I am already on my second jar of this and don’t know if I will ever like a moisturizer better than this one. I like this because it is not like a typical moisturizer it’s considered a “water gel”. It is oil free and contains hyaluronic acid in it which is naturally found your body and it’s used for many different reasons but in this case it is basically gives your skin intense hydration. I use the smallest amount by just tapping my finger in the jar and it covers my whole face, after I rub it in my face feels so fresh and hydrated it feels amazing. I also like that it doesn’t feel like I’m caking a bunch of oil and thick creams onto my face. This product will also be perfect for summer, because when you put this on it gives a little bit of a dewy look which is perfect if your not wearing  a ton of make up that day. You can find this at any drugstore and Ulta  for about $20. Let me know what other moisturizer’s I should try that would be good for the summer time.



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