Finally Friday!!!

It’s finally Friday and to make it even better it’s Easter weekend. I love Easter because it’s when it starts to feel like spring to me; and I love having an excuse to go out shopping to buy a new spring dress! Today I thought I would share some of my favorite Easter things that I have found.

fa824295566b86e73d09c4dfa0426d35 I love the idea of these glitter Easter eggs, because it’s a classier way to decorate them rather than the multi color dyed eggs that we all did as kids. Also let’s face it glitter is always the solution to make anything look better.

57712c562c5c33fac4ac7af1b778e528 Okay seriously how cute are these?!?! Whenever I think about Easter candy I always think about peeps and this is a fun way to make them into delicious desserts.

6a968c10ae9fe4ef40c911247cf73218 If you are struggling for ideas on how to put together cute Easter presents all you need is a few extra Easter eggs. Putting these Essie nail polishes in them is great, also if you had some of the bigger Easter eggs you could put a NYX Butter Gloss in it too.

023c44050c71233eb9da862ab68a9264 Lastly, to not forget what Easter is really about I found the cutest picture. And it’s the perfect reminder of what is really important on Sunday.

I hope you all have a great weekend enjoyed with your families! Let me know what your favorites for Easter are ❤


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