Spring Looks

Hi, today I am sharing with you my favorite spring looks. I am not the type of person to follow every trend that pops up. If I like it then I might buy a few pieces but if I’m not that into it, I know it’s going to be a waste of money and I don’t even attempt it lol. The looks I am showing you today are what I keep in my closet and love to pull out for the spring and pretty much summer too, since you can’t really tell the difference in South FL.

In my opinion maxi dresses and even maxi skirts are a must have for everybody. It is something so easy to throw on to go somewhere casual and it’s an easy transition to dress up. It’s also perfect for all the girls who are on a budget. Instead of spending $80 or more on a couple nice pairs of jeans, you can spend $15-$30 on a cute maxi dress and have an outfit ready to go anywhere!


Anybody who knows me probably thinks that I own way too many flowy, loose fitting type of tops but I can’t help myself. They are so comfortable for everyday wear and it can easily transition to work wear with a blazer and black skinny jeans for a business casual look. The one I am wearing (the larger picture) is what I would wear on the weekend or to work. My sister (the smaller picture) is more casual weekend/beach top.


Lastly my spring must have is just a basic tee. This is something that I think many people overlook, but it’s so simple to throw on and casually go out or to put on a statement necklace and look more put together. My favorite place to buy these are from Kohl’s because they are typically pretty cheap ($5-$12) but hold up very well.

I hope you enjoyed my spring must haves! Let me know which look was your favorite and what your spring essentials are.


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