Weekly Beauty Obsession


Good Morning! Today I am sharing a nail product that I have been loving for a while now and it’s the Sally Hanson Advanced Hard as Nails Strengthener. Normally I don’t need to use specific nail products. However back in January I had acrylic nails put on and I never found time to go back to the nail salon to get them filled in. Which left my nails destroyed and very weak, there wasn’t anything I could do with them. When I started using the Advanced Hard as Nails strengthener my nails finally started to get healthy again. This helped my nails so much, they aren’t weak and brittle anymore. It feels so good to finally have healthy nails back! With that being said, I probably won’t be getting acrylics back on anytime soon. They are too much upkeep and I like keeping my natural nails feeling and looking healthy. If you have any favorite nail products let me know:)

Alissa ❤


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