The Beauty Tag

Hi everybody, I hope your week is amazing so far! Earlier this week I was reading a post by one of my favorite bloggers, Amanda Bella, and she did The Beauty Tag. She invited anyone who wanted to participate in this tag to do a post. I thought it was too cute I couldn’t pass it up. Here it goes:

  1. What is your favorite brand of makeup?
  • As much as I love drugstore makeup, Too Faced is by far my favorite brand. Everything I try from them I always love.
  1. How do you feel about fake lashes?
  • I think fake lashes look so pretty and some people can pull them off whenever they want but that’s not me. I only wear them when I want a dramatic look or if I am doing something cheerleading/dance related.
  1. Where do you sit/stand to put your makeup on everyday?
  • I sit down and do my makeup in my bedroom every day (it’s also where I film all of my beauty videos). I have it all set up on my dresser and my parents found a vintage vanity chair at a garage sale that I use every day and love so much!
  1. Do you like to watch any YouTube beauty gurus? Who?
  • I am kind of obsessed with watching YouTube videos and it all started with Jaclyn Hill. I saw one of her videos in a recommended section clicked on it and loved watching her. I learned so much from watching her and I love how I got to watch her career grow so much in just a few years.
  1. When did you start wearing makeup? Do you remember the first product you ever used?
  • I didn’t start wearing a lot of makeup until my senior year in high school/beginning of college. I would wear a lot when I had to cheer at a football game or had a performance but wouldn’t really wear it day to day. The first product I used was lip gloss. When I was 6 or 7 I got a pack of 12 Lip Smackers that smelled like fruit and I would wear it everyday. Ever since then I have always been obsessed with glossy lips lol.
  1. What’s you’re favorite mascara?
  • My favorite mascara is the Better Than Sex mascara by Too Faced, but for an everyday mascara I love the Maybelline Falsies.
  1. What’s your go-to everyday hairstyle?
  • It is definitely a bun, whether it’s a ballerina bun, donut, messy I wear them all of the time. People at work are always surprised when I wear my hair down.
  1. When do you feel most beautiful?
  • This question is hard for me because I can feel confident and beautiful being glammed out in a full face of makeup. Or I can be wearing very minimal makeup and still feel just as great. I guess it just depends on what I feel like but I think nothing beats the cat filter from snapchat, the eyeliner is too great lol. IMG_0112

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you haven’t seen Amanda’s blog yet you should definitely check it out here. If you are feeling up to it I invite anyone who wants to answer the questions to do so, and let me know so I can read it too 🙂 I hope you all have an amazing day!

Alissa ❤


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