New Urban Decay Lipsticks!


Don’t you love it when you get unexpected mail! With a rainy summer start Ulta and Urban Decay fixed that right away. I was lucky to receive 24 samples of the new vice lipsticks that are coming out in about a week! Since yesterday (or today) haven’t been the best days to go outside, I spent some time experimenting with the new lipsticks. I have never tried Urban Decay lipsticks before but their new collection is amazing. With 100 new colors and six different finishes there is literally something for everybody. The finishes are Sheer Shimmer ( a light wash of color), Sheer (light, matte wash of color), Metallized (glittery and gorgeous), Cream (glides on your lips so smooth), Comfort Matte (very matte without looking or feeling dry cracked lips), and Mega Matte (very pigmented, no shine at all but easy to glide on your lips). My favorite by far was the Comfort Matte finish, it was the matte look everybody is obsessed with but didn’t feel matte on your lips. The color stayed in place without that gross drying feeling many matte lipsticks have.


I loved all of the lipsticks in the collection so it was hard to narrow down my favorites. I picked three different colors that every girl should have in their makeup collection. The first picture on the top is the Comfort Matte lipstick in the color Menace. This is the perfect pop of pink for summer. The second on the top is the Mega Matte lipstick in the color 714, a classic red for a night out. The last color on the bottom is the Cream lipstick in the color Naked. This is the perfect color for an everyday look no matter what time of year it is.


Here are swatches of all 24 lipstick samples that I received. They are releasing these amazing colors (plus 76 more) on June 16 at Ulta. If you can you should definitely stop by Ulta to check out the colors for yourself they really are good, high quality lipsticks. If you can’t already tell I’m obsessed.

I hope your summer is off to a great start so far, and I will be back later this week!

Alissa ❤




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