Valentine’s Day!

Hi everyone! I hope you all are off to a great start in the week. Can you believe Valentine’s Day is just around the corner?!? It’s crazy to me because it feels like we just started 2017. Since the chocolate filled day is almost upon us I thought I would share my top pics for Valentine’s Day gifts.

Of course I had to start with jewelry! In my Chloe + Isabel boutique the Petite Bijoux line is my favorite for Valentine’s. It’s filled with delicate, feminine jewels that are perfect for everyday wear. You can find this line under my Valentine’s Day section at

It’s not really Valentine’s day without chocolate. My all time favorite chocolate is from Norman Love Confections. You can’t get these just anywhere but if you find it, you need to try it. The chocolate is almost too gorgeous to eat! You can find them at

If your man isn’t a chocolate lover then consider getting him something for his hobby. Whether it’s new workout shoes or surprising him with a new video game he will definitely be grateful to see that you were thinking about him.

If you are anything like me you will be splurging on jewelry & chocolate for you, because you should love yourself…right?! lol. I hope this helps you narrow down some options on your Valentine’s Day gift search. Keep an eye out for the next post coming.

Alissa ❤



Pure Barre Review

Hi Loves! I hope you all had a fabulous week. I feel like every year everybody makes fitness resolutions to loose weight, go to the gym, or start eating better. Every time I make a resolution like that I never follow through with it, which is why this year I didn’t make one. I don’t want to just reach a temporary goal and quit. If you want to be fit you have to think about fitness as a lifestyle change that you are aiming to work towards everyday.

Pure Barre has always been something that I have wanted to do but never committed to going. While talking over coffee with friends we thought we should give it a try, because why not? I thought this was going to be something that I was going to be great at and it wasn’t going to be that challenging. I mean I use to take dance classes as a kid, I was a cheerleader for years and I had still been coaching and staying active. Well, I was completely wrong.

(If you have done Pure Barre you know how accurate this is😂)
This was the most challenging workout I have done in a while. You would think that because you are a newcomer that they would slow down and show you what to do before you actually start…..not really lol. The second they started with the warm up you just have to watch and follow along. Even my friend, who is a dance teacher, found this class challenging. What I think is great is it doesn’t matter if you have a dance background or not to do this class. The workout consists of small isolating movements, that make muscles you didn’t even know you had burn!

This class was way more intense than I thought it was going to be. However, I would 100% recommend it and I will definitely sign up again. Within 1 hour you target every muscle in your body and trust me you will feel it the next day (in the best way possible!)

Let me know if you have done Pure Barre or other classes similar to it? At some point this year I know I have to try aerial yoga! We will see how that goes😅

-Alissa ❤

The Cold Shoulder

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. Mine was filled with the movies, beach, food & friends, which you can never go wrong with any of these lol!  We are already heading into the 3rd week of January. Although winter will soon be gone, I though I would share my favorite fall/winter trend of the season….the cold shoulder.

I don’t know what it is about this look but I have been loving it. I got this top from TJ Maxx and it is seriously one of the most comfortable tops that I own. You can find the cold shoulder tops almost anywhere and they can easily transition into your spring wardrobe.

What has been your favorite “go-to” look lately?

-Alissa ❤

La Vie Boheme

Good Morning everyone! It’s hard to believe that the second week of 2017 is already coming to an end. What is even crazier is that the Chloe + Isabel pre-spring collection has already launched. The second I saw it I instantly fell in love and knew that I had to share it with all of you!

The collection is called La Vie Boheme, which translates to the bohemian life, and that’s exactly what this collection is inspired by. It’s filled with blushed pinks, gold, silvers and my favorite rose gold colors. There are dainty pieces perfect for Valentines day and bold statement pieces for styling your favorite spring outfits. Below are just a few of my favorites:

Something that is also very special with this collection is celebrity hair stylist Jen Atkin partnered with C+I again to come out with more hair accessories! My favorite is the art deco inspired bun cuff.

I am loving everything in this collection and it really has me in the mood for spring now!

You can find everything in this post & more at

Have a happy Friyay:)

-Alissa ❤

Fresh Face Makeup

Happy Monday everyone! I feel like whenever the new year rolls around is the time I really like to focus on my skin and try (most of the time) to lighten up on my makeup. I thought today I would share my version of a fresh face makeup look. I’ve been doing this a lot lately and have been loving it.

I start with my E.l.f. blemish control primer. I don’t really wear this for the “blemish control” aspect. I tried it because Casey Holmes said she really liked how it made her makeup stay. I completely agree it doesn’t break me out and helps my makeup last all day!

Next is concealer, I love Maybelline Fit Me and it’s the only thing I have been using for months now because I can’t put it down. I use the shade 20 Sand.

I set my under eyes with the Maybelline Fit Me Powder in 120 Classic Ivory, and my face with Maybelline Super Stay Better Skin in 25 Nude Beige. If you can’t tell I really love Maybelline products lol. img_1782-1

I fill in my brows really quick with Essence ‘make me brow gel’ in 02 browny brows.

With my eye shadow I went super simple and used the Too Faced Natural Matte Palate. I first dusted Lace Teddy in my crease & lid. I then went in with the color Nudie with a big fluffy brush all over my crease.  

I finished with the color Strapless in the outter v and crease area. After that I just popped the color Heaven on my brow bone and inner corner of my eyes to highlight.

Of course you can’t forget your favorite mascara. Out of everything I have tried the Too Faced Better than Sex mascara is still my ultimate favorite.

Now usually I am obsessed with bronzer and use it all over my face. However, when I don’t want to do that much blending I have been using Wet n’ Wild Ombre Blush in Mai Tai Buy You A Drink. I got this a while ago so I don’t think they still have this exact blush out but Wet n’ Wild has colors similar to this one. 

I went with nude lips today and just hydrated my lips with Maybelline Baby Lips in Quenched. 

Lastly, I set everything with Urban Decay all nighter setting spray and was good to go!

If you have stayed until the end thank you for reading this long post!

Let me know in the comments if you would rather see more beauty posts like this, or a fashion related post. I have been loving both lately and want to know what you all think!

-Alissa ❤

It’s Happening!

Hi loves, I hope your first week of 2017 is going great! If you saw my last post you know that I am now a Chloe + Isabel Merchandiser and have an online boutique. I am so happy to be apart of C+I and start this new journey. If you have ever wanted the chance to try out some C+I jewelry now is the time because….

It’s the Semi-Annual Sale! There are some amazing pieces of jewelry on sale up to 65% off, crazy I know. If you have a party, someone’s birthday or a special occasion coming up, now is the time to stock up on your favorite bling. One of the reasons I love C+I is not only because of their lifetime guarantee but because they offer a 30 day money back guarantee, so you can shop worry free. Below are just a few of my C + I favorites:

If you don’t care that much about jewelry, C+I also started to expand into beauty! They have a super cute lip treo along with candles and their own fragrance! There is literally something for everybody.

I’m sorry if you really don’t care about this type of post (I am just really exciting to be starting with C+I lol) I will be posting other content next week. However, if you do like the C+I look and want to keep up follow me on Instagram (@alissagilbert13) so you will always be in the loop!

Shop the sale at (sale is only good while supplies last!)

Let me know what you get down in the comments!


New Year, New Adventures

Happy New Year, I can’t believe it’s 2017 already! Every year when people are coming up with new years resolutions I always debate whether I should or not (basically deciding am I actually going to follow through with it lol). However this year I really want to put my resolutions into actions. I feel like I always accomplish more when I step outside of my comfort zone, so that’s exactly what I am doing to start off my year.

I started my own Chloe + Isabel business! When I was deciding whether I should go through with this or not so many things went through my mind. Is this going to be worth it, am I going to be successful with this or is this going to be an epic fail? While I was going back and fourth I decided to not second guess myself and to do it because I love beauty & fashion. Regardless of how this is going to turn out, I did it to try something new and have fun. So far I am obsessed with it!

Chloe + Isabel is a jewelry & lifestyle business in New York that has quickly expanded and has been featured in top magazines! While the jewelry is hypoallergenic, nickel free & lead safe my favorite part (and it’s what sold me) it has a lifetime guarantee! Over the weekend I had some fun with my sister shooting new pics of the jewelry.

There is something for everyone at Chloe + Isabel, whether you want a day to day look or a statement piece for a night out on the town.

Check out my online boutique with all of my favorites!

Let me know what your favorite jewelry piece is down in the comments 🙂

-Alissa ❤