Hi everyone! It’s official…I’ve moved blog sites. I started this blog when I was in college to write for fun. Slowly over the years me and my sister Tessa have said we wanted to start a blog together. It always felt like there was never enough time and we didn’t know where to get started. At the beginning of this year we decided we wanted to finally do it. 

When I started this blog I was 19 years old….I think. Now I am 25 and work as a 5th grade teacher. Tessa is now 20 and she is in college working towards her Math Secondary Education degree. We both love talking about our experiences in college and now experiences from my job. However, we also love talking about makeup, finding good deals on clothes and everything in life.

If you want to keep following along with me go subscribe to lifewithlissandtess.com!

I have loved having this blog. It has been so much fun for me. But now it’s goodbye to this site and hello to another adventure. 

Xoxo, Alissa

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