Don’t Miss This!

Hi loves, I hope you all are having an amazing week so far! You all know I love to share good deals with you so I couldn’t pass this one up either. On my Chloe + Isabel boutique there is a flash sale happening, 25% off all necklaces & bracelets for today (2/28/17) only! I have been recently loving these pieces below for my everyday look.

(the choker is my #1 favorite right now!)
I would really appreciate it if you would head on over to my boutique to check it out! Chloe + Isabel is a company I truly love. They take good care of their customers and give them nothing but the best ❤ Plus why wouldn’t you want a Lifetime Guarantee on your jewelry?!?! Thank you all so much for supporting another #bossbabe I really appreciate it.

-Alissa ❤

*Sale is valid for U.S. customers only*



 :  Good Morning lovelies 🙂 It’s that time again to accomplish something amazing this week.  I honestly never understood why people hate Monday’s so much, it is an opportunity to start your week being productive. It’s a time when you can set goals for yourself or figure out a plan to reach your long term goals. If you are truly unhappy with your job or what your doing with your life then change it. It probably will be intimidating and scary but life is way too short for you to be doing something that you are unhappy with. Now is the time to grab your coffee, put on some lipstick and hustle. Be the #bossbabe that you want to be!

Alissa ❤