Friday Favs

Hi everyone, I hope all you boss babes had a fantastic week! I cannot believe we are coming toward the end of March already, it feels like the year just started. I thought today I would do a little bit of a random post and show you everything I have been loving lately.

Jaclyn Hill videos! Every time I think Jaclyn can’t get any better…she does. Her latest Bronze Gold Smokey Eye video I am obsessed with.

Gorgeous coffee pics. I know this might sound weird but for coffee lovers everywhere how perfect of a morning is this!?!

Coffee & donuts make for the perfect morning☀️:

Pinterest home decor has been driving me insane. Who doesn’t want a living room that looks this cozy?


Lastly, when life gets crazy it’s good to remind yourself that God is in control. Despite anything that is happening, when you have complete faith in him everything will work out.

WEBSTA @ beewademua - ➰➰ #trustmore #worryless ❤️:

Have a great weekend loves!

Alissa ❤

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🎄☕️Christmas for Coffee Lovers☕️🎄

Ahhh it’s officially December, which means the count down to Christmas begins! If you are a procrastinator (like me) then you probably haven’t started Christmas shopping yet…ooops. When it comes to buying presents I always wait to the last minute because I can never decide what to buy everyone. That’s alright though, because today I have picked out my top 5 gifts for the Starbucks lover in your life!


This first one is my ultimate favorite and I cannot stop obsessing over it, a Swarovski crystal Starbucks Traveler! This is something you will not find just sitting in a Starbucks cafe, however it is still available online. The coffee loving, glitz & glamour girl will absolutely love this gift.

Shop Here

This next gift is too cute to pass up! A penguin coffee mug with a matching ornament is adorable to give someone. It’s something they can use everyday and have a decoration for their tree every year also.

Shop Here

This copper Starbucks coffee press is perfect for someone who doesn’t go out to get coffee everyday. The copper detail makes for gorgeous kitchen decor & would be great to display.

Shop Here

Wanna step outside of the box when it comes to giving a coffee themed gift? Then get this cute sweatshirt for your coffee loving friend. They also have more designs, shirts, etc. on the website!

 Shop Here

Of course if all else fails and you still don’t know what they will like, a Starbucks gift card would make anyone happy! It is something you know they will actually use, if they are like me it will probably only last a week lol!

Let me know what you are getting for the Starbucks addict in your life! Make sure to check back next week for another post.

-Alissa ❤

Morning Routine Tips

 :  I know that many of you can relate to this on a Monday morning (or any morning for that matter). Today I thought I would share some simple tips that can make your mornings less hectic and stressful. That way you can actually enjoy your coffee in the mornings and go to work not feeling like a hot mess.

  • First if your like me you can’t just jump out of bed and start the day. I always play on my phone for about 15 minutes. I need some time in the morning to actually wake up before I get out of bed. I will typically set my alarm clock 10-15 minutes before I want to start getting ready. That way I can play on my phone, have time to wake up (not in a bad mood lol) and still be on time.
  • Next is makeup, there are some day I want a full face of makeup or I don’t want to wear makeup at all. You need to set a simple makeup routine that you know you can do no matter what outfit you are wearing, or how tired you are. For me I will typically do a BB cream, concealer, bronzer, mascara and lip gloss if I’m in a hurry. It’s easy for me and doesn’t take much time but I still look put together. A “five minute face” will vary for everybody, it’s important to find what works for you and stick to it.
  • This tip you’ve herd a million times, your parents have told you and know you should be doing it but probably don’t, and it’s to pick your outfit the night before. This seriously saves me so much time in the mornings and if I don’t do this there is a 90% chance I will be late because I don’t know what to wear. Even if you are too tired to pick something out the night before, look and see if you have at least one put together outfit in your closet. If you have at least one complete outfit, you can throw that on in the morning and not stress trying to find a shirt that is probably in the dirty pile ready to be washed.
  • Lastly you already know breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Even if you don’t like eating in the mornings grab a granola bar or something that you can throw in your purse to eat on the go. If you don’t take something with you to eat, chances are that you are going to be starving for lunch and it will temp you to just eat whatever you find. Typically that leads to eating foods that aren’t good for you, or it can lead to overeating at lunch and then you feel horrible the rest of the day. This is something that too many people ignore.

I hope these tips helped you a little bit! If you have any other tips that you think I should be doing let me know in the comments. I hope you lovelies have a great day.

Alissa ❤