New Jen Atkin Release!

Hi everyone, I hope your week is off to an amazing start. Today I am very excited to share with you the new Jen Atkin hair accessories on my online boutique! If you don’t know who Jen Atkin is then just take a second to go onto your phone and look her up on Instagram…..I’ll wait. I feel like she has probably done every celebrities hair throughout her career. Jen is not only an amazing hairstylist but she creates gorgeous hair accessories. Here is a glimpse of what the collection consists of:

She even made a hair wrap that doubles as a choker!

If this collection doesn’t get you in the spring mood I don’t know what will?! I am obsessed with it and can’t get enough. You can shop the entire collection on my boutique at Let me know what your favorite piece is down in the comments!

Alissa ❤


Spring Into Style

Hi loves, I am so excited because spring is here which means new spring styles! You can probably guess one of my favorite trends still…yes the cold shoulder. I know you probably are getting over it but when I saw this LC Lauren Conrad top I couldn’t help myself. This top is amazing because it’s combining two spring trends into one, the cold shoulder & pleats. If you are like me you probably never wear pleats, but Lauren incorporated it in a fun and cute way that you can’t say no to.

Outfit Details:

I hope you enjoyed and I’ll talk to you later 🙂

-Alissa ❤



Welcome back 🙂 This week something very exciting happened, the Chloe + Isabel spring launch of Wanderlust!!! I have been so excited to share this collection with all of you because it has everything you could want for spring. For this collection, C+I wanted to take everyone on a journey and each piece of jewelry is inspired by a city.

The first stop is in Paris, boarding the Orient Express. This collection, Parisian Belle, is inspired by what you would think of passengers wearing aboard this luxurious train. Parisian Belle has literally anything you want from a bold statement to a nice everyday jewelry piece. With gorgeous pinks and dark blues you can’t go wrong.

Our next stop on this journey is in Budapest. This collection Misty Morning was inspired by the way the fog settles onto the gorgeous cityscape. The collection features incredible lavenders, mint & baby blue hues. It is what you think of for a fun spring brunch.

After your day in Budapest has ended, we are boarding the train once again for a sunset ride through the country side. Which is exactly what the Sunset Vista collection represents. Imagine a lavish, ornate 1920’s train ride with the velvet & dark cherry wood. You can have a little piece of that heaven with this collection.

Now that our relaxing train ride through the country side has ended, we are in Istanbul for the Turkish Delight collection! Istanbul has so many gorgeous, fun playful patterns and colors throughout the city. Which is captured in this jewelry, not only is it stunning but it is also the perfect transition to have from spring to summer.

Our trip is now ending with our Modern Mosaic collection inspired by Turkey’s amazing art & architecture. This collection is featured with soft pastels paired with amazing geometric shapes. Whether you want something trendy or classic, this collection has that covered.

I hope you all enjoy the story of this collection as much as I did. The launch of Wanderlust has me itching to go explore some new places. These collections are some of my favorites and I can’t wait to wear them for spring! I only featured some of my top favorites today, so to see all of the pieces you can go to my boutique to check out the rest!

Let me know what your favorite piece of jewelry is down in the comments!

Alissa ❤

The Cold Shoulder

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. Mine was filled with the movies, beach, food & friends, which you can never go wrong with any of these lol!  We are already heading into the 3rd week of January. Although winter will soon be gone, I though I would share my favorite fall/winter trend of the season….the cold shoulder.

I don’t know what it is about this look but I have been loving it. I got this top from TJ Maxx and it is seriously one of the most comfortable tops that I own. You can find the cold shoulder tops almost anywhere and they can easily transition into your spring wardrobe.

What has been your favorite “go-to” look lately?

-Alissa ❤

New Year, New Adventures

Happy New Year, I can’t believe it’s 2017 already! Every year when people are coming up with new years resolutions I always debate whether I should or not (basically deciding am I actually going to follow through with it lol). However this year I really want to put my resolutions into actions. I feel like I always accomplish more when I step outside of my comfort zone, so that’s exactly what I am doing to start off my year.

I started my own Chloe + Isabel business! When I was deciding whether I should go through with this or not so many things went through my mind. Is this going to be worth it, am I going to be successful with this or is this going to be an epic fail? While I was going back and fourth I decided to not second guess myself and to do it because I love beauty & fashion. Regardless of how this is going to turn out, I did it to try something new and have fun. So far I am obsessed with it!

Chloe + Isabel is a jewelry & lifestyle business in New York that has quickly expanded and has been featured in top magazines! While the jewelry is hypoallergenic, nickel free & lead safe my favorite part (and it’s what sold me) it has a lifetime guarantee! Over the weekend I had some fun with my sister shooting new pics of the jewelry.

There is something for everyone at Chloe + Isabel, whether you want a day to day look or a statement piece for a night out on the town.

Check out my online boutique with all of my favorites!

Let me know what your favorite jewelry piece is down in the comments 🙂

-Alissa ❤

Fashion Fav

Hi everybody, how’s your Christmas shopping going? I have decided I am going to start my shopping this weekend & hopefully get most of it done! Anyway, I am so excited to do another fashion post because me & my sister had so much fun doing a photo-shoot over the weekend.

My current fashion fav has been anything with the army green color. I know it sounds intimidating but it’s really not! I use to never wear this color at all, however I decided to try it out and I am so happy that I did. I think it is the perfect color to wear not only during the fall but also into the winter months as well.

Hair flip to end it💁🏼

The top I wore I found at an Abercrombie & Fitch Outlet store. I found a similar top here and it’s on sale for $10!

My pants are Rock & Republic from Kohl’s. I found a similar pair here

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know what your current fashion fav is in the comments!

-Alissa ❤