Pure Barre Review

Hi Loves! I hope you all had a fabulous week. I feel like every year everybody makes fitness resolutions to loose weight, go to the gym, or start eating better. Every time I make a resolution like that I never follow through with it, which is why this year I didn’t make one. I don’t want to just reach a temporary goal and quit. If you want to be fit you have to think about fitness as a lifestyle change that you are aiming to work towards everyday.

Pure Barre has always been something that I have wanted to do but never committed to going. While talking over coffee with friends we thought we should give it a try, because why not? I thought this was going to be something that I was going to be great at and it wasn’t going to be that challenging. I mean I use to take dance classes as a kid, I was a cheerleader for years and I had still been coaching and staying active. Well, I was completely wrong.

(If you have done Pure Barre you know how accurate this is😂)
This was the most challenging workout I have done in a while. You would think that because you are a newcomer that they would slow down and show you what to do before you actually start…..not really lol. The second they started with the warm up you just have to watch and follow along. Even my friend, who is a dance teacher, found this class challenging. What I think is great is it doesn’t matter if you have a dance background or not to do this class. The workout consists of small isolating movements, that make muscles you didn’t even know you had burn!

This class was way more intense than I thought it was going to be. However, I would 100% recommend it and I will definitely sign up again. Within 1 hour you target every muscle in your body and trust me you will feel it the next day (in the best way possible!)

Let me know if you have done Pure Barre or other classes similar to it? At some point this year I know I have to try aerial yoga! We will see how that goes😅

-Alissa ❤


Exciting News!

Hey everyone, I hope your week is off to a good start so far. I have some very exciting news that I couldn’t wait any longer to share!

Earlier this year I found a business on Twitter called Aptitude Apparel, and they were in the process of launching their fitness clothing line. Ever since their first launch I thought their clothes were so cute, I had to try them for myself. I didn’t really know what to expect from them so when I got my first order in, I couldn’t believe I didn’t buy them sooner. A few weeks ago they were accepting Ambassador applications, I found it on the last day and figured why not try it. Three days later I found out that I was accepted as an Aptitude Apparel Ambassador. I am so excited to be an ambassador for a fitness clothing line that I genuinely love. Of course I couldn’t wait to do a mini photo shoot to show you all some clothes.


(They included a handwritten card in the package, so it made it more personable.)

I did more of a “lifestyle” shoot because I think their clothes are great for in and out of the gym. The shirt is my favorite, it has a dry fit type of material, is lightweight and perfect for an everyday look.




I didn’t get the chance to shoot pics of the pants I have because it rained right after my little sis took these pictures (thanks to Florida lol). However you can find pictures over on the Aptitude Apparel Instagram page here. If you want to order some clothes to see how good they are for yourself you can shop at www.aptitude-apparel.com. I love that their clothes are super affordable but if you want an even bigger discount use the code ALISSA10 for 10% off your order.

If you order anything let me know what you get and I will see you all back on Friday 🙂

Alissa ❤

Fitness Friyay!

Welcome back lovelies 🙂 Today’s post is going to be fitness inspired. I don’t know about anyone else but for about the last week or so I have been in a fitness slump. It’s time to get out of that and to get my butt back in the gym. One of the best ways to do that is to find a fun workout that interests you. The Tone It Up girls, Karena and Katrina, are one of my favorite fitness trainers to do that. They have a number of different workout programs and videos, some of the ones I love are actually found on Pinterest.


If you search them on Pinterest you will find workouts that target your entire body, but today this leg and booty workout stood out to me. I love these so much because you don’t have to go to a gym to do this exercise, you can do it wherever you are. While I am challenging myself to get out of my workout slump by starting with this routine. I challenge all of you to complete this workout or another one by the Tone It Up girls, and trust me you will be feeling it when your done!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend, and I will be back on Tuesday.

Alissa ❤

Favorite Fitness Brand


With summer starting that doesn’t mean working out is over. Now that you got your summer bod it’s time to maintain it and keep yourself healthy the rest of the year. Let’s face it, it’s a lot more fun to do when you can go to the gym feeling confident in what your wearing. I love trying out new workout clothes, but in order for it to work for me they have to#1 look cute and #2 be functional (which probably should be #1). I have to feel comfortable when I workout and I don’t want my active wear to fade after washing it a few times. Thankfully I have found that with my favorite pair of workout leggings from Alphalete Athletics.


The company was started by Christian Guzman, a fitness YouTuber, and he makes nothing but high quality products. After I ordered these in the mail and saw them, yes they looked cute and fit will, but I thought they would for sure become faded and falling apart after wearing them for about a month. However that is not the case, I have worn these through numerous workouts, put in the washer and dryer and they still look really nice. I have become obsessed with these, they are so comfortable and look good with anything. These are not compression pants but they kind of have that feel. Which is nice because they don’t stretch out. I think Alphalete is an amazing, high quality brand that is definitely worth splurging on. Let me know if you have a favorite fitness brand or have tried any products from Alphalete!

Alissa ❤

Summer Series

Happy Monday everybody! I am so excited that June is here and after having a pool day on Saturday I finally feel like summer is here. I love summer so much between the pool, beach, getting tan and having movie nights I can never get enough of it. Today is going to be my first post of my summer series 🙂 This summer we will be covering beach essentials, summer makeup, cute diy’s and so much more. We are going to start off this summer series today with some fitspo.

Over the weekend I saw a post about a guy on YouTube called “The Fitness Marshall” and I just thought it was another fitness youtuber. He’s definitely not though, Caleb Marshall incorporates fitness, dance and your favorite songs in a fun, energetic, and entertaining way. The best part is you don’t have to be a dancer to be able to learn his dances. You just have to love to dance and put your own spin on it. To me dancing is my favorite exercise I never get tired of it and watching The Fitness Marshall is so entertaining and I’m now obsessed with his videos.

This is a great workout option for rainy summer days when you don’t want to step outside or can’t make it to the gym. His video work is one of my top favorites and I’m probably going to learn all of it today lol and maybe some of his other dances because I can’t stop watching them.

If there is anything you want to see in my summer series coming up let me know in the comments. I hope you all have fun working it in this dance 😉 Have a great day!

Alissa ❤


Easy Healthy Habits

Alright so I know we all love to play with makeup and try out new looks, but looking good doesn’t do anything for you if you don’t feel good on the inside first. I think some people have forgotten what it’s like to feel 100% amazing from the inside out. However, there are three easy things you can do to help you improve your lifestyle and will make you feel great.

  1. The first thing you’ve probably herd a million times but every time I try it I always find it to be true and it’s to drink more water. It can be hard to track how much water your drinking and can sometimes be boring. What I have found that works for me though is getting a tervis water bottle, they are 24 oz., and I aim to drink 3-4 of these a day. I find that I’m not as hungry and I feel so much better cause I’m not dehydrated. I don’t mind just drinking water because I’m use to it by now but when I do want something different I just add some crystal light to my water and it tastes so good!


2.Next I don’t know about you but I can find myself snacking during the day when I’m not even hungry. By the end of the day I know I overate and don’t feel good at all. An easy way for me to curb this is tracking what I eat. The easiest way in my opinion to do this is by the app MyFitnessPal. You set up goals for yourself whether it’s to gain, loose or maintain weight and then it gives you macros. All “macros” are is the amount of protein, fat and carbs that you should be in-taking, along with how many calories you should be eating. This is something I do daily and allows me to fit in foods that I actually want to eat. (This pic is not my account, I just inserted it to show what the app looks like)

3. Lastly it’s something that cannot be avoided and it’s working out. I know this is something that many people dread but you shouldn’t. When I was younger I would always view working out as a negative thing and hated doing it. When I changed how I viewed working out it made a huge difference to me. I didn’t view it as something negative but as a way to relieve stress. After I started doing that I felt so much better, I woke up with more energy, and didn’t feel so stressed out over small things. All it takes is trying out different workouts and find which one is your favorite, that way you will actually like exercising, or at least not mind it as much!


These are three things that I do daily and it really helps me get back on track if I have a cheat day, or cheat weekend 😉 I hope this helped you and that you are able to try this out. Also if you liked this or would rather see beauty posts let me know in the comments. Have a wonderful day, your getting closer to the weekend!

Alissa ❤


New Goals

Since this new year has started I have set new plans and goals for myself, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. One of my new adventures for this year is I will be running in my very first Obstacle Course Race (OCR). I normally would not have tried anything like this but my mom got into them last year and I went to support her in all of them. She then eventually talked me into signing up for one. I am very excited about it because it’s important to keep your fitness routine changing to keep your body in the best shape.

January has officially marked the beginning of my training for this race. For a little insight about me, I have been active my whole life I was a dancer and a cheerleader when I was in school. I have been a cheerleading coach for five years so I am not new to working out. However it has been a while since I have step foot in a gym. Between taking online college classes, working a retail job and coaching last season the past few months have kept me busy. Now I finally have some free time to spend working out and preparing for this race.

The race is April 23, so I am starting training now to give my body plenty of time to get to the level of fitness I want to be at. My first week back in the gym I had one day for abs, arms and back then legs. I also spent a minimum of 15 minutes stretching along with cardio everyday. I know I don’t need to do cardio everyday but it’s just my personal preference. This second week in the gym I am really going to be focusing on hitting the weights to get my muscles use to working hard again.

While I don’t have a set plan of what I am exactly doing for my training I have been researching what people have done and what has worked for some people in the past. I know my body and what it can handle and the first 3-4 weeks I am just going to be in the gym getting my body use to working out hard again. Once I get to week 5 is when I will start including more outside workouts and different things.

If you are interested in learning about Obstacle Course Races and how to prepare for one I will be blogging my whole journey up through race day. It is a fun sport and something that many people don’t know about. I am excited for this to be one of many adventures for 2016!


Fitness Routine

As much as I love the fall time and the excitement of the holidays that is around the corner. It also gets harder to stick to my fitness plan I set for myself. I don’t have a specific wrote out plan that tells me what to eat and when to workout. However, I do like to make sure that I am getting in the macro nutrients that my body needs and I find that working out relieves so much stress for me. I was doing great with following through with my diet and workouts in the summer, but when school started it started to fall off to the side. With working, doing school and coaching cheerleading I slowly stopped going to the gym and wasn’t tracking what I was eating. Even though it is extremely hard to find time for fitness it is very important to make it a priority. I am going to share with you what I like to do for my diet and fitness routine.
First, even though everybody says this, drink water. I never realized how important this was until I started tracking it and becoming more aware of how much my body needed this. It can prevent me from over eating or eating when I’m not really hungry. One of the easiest things to do whenever you leave your house is to grab a bottle of water, so do it!
Next, I find it very helpful to track what I eat. By doing this, it is making you aware of what you are putting into your body. I love to do this with the MyFitnessPal app because no matter where I am I can quickly type in what I am eating and see if it fits in with my calories and macros for the day. Having a flexible diet is a good balance for eating what you want, while also being conscious of what is going into your body.
For working out, this is really just going to depend on your personal preference. I do both gym and at home workouts, depending on how busy I am that day. For at home workouts, I like to go on Instagram and my favorite fitness account is from Alexa Jean Brown, I love her posts she has a lot of quick circuit workouts on her page. Also if you do have time and make it to a gym to get through the dreaded cardio session I like to listen to music or watch YouTube videos. Listening to music gets me pumped up and keeps me going, but if I want a change from that I watch Nikki Blackketter’s YouTube channel. She is my other favorite fitness inspiration. Watching a fitness vlogger is good inspiration to get through a workout.
I know these things may not work for everybody, but it is just what I like to do personally. I always like to see what other people do for their fitness routines and I am always changing and improving mine. Let me know what you like to do for your fitness routine down in the comments!