Friday Favs

Hi everyone it has been way to long since I’ve done a post! With working a day job, my online boutique & trying to go back to school things have been hectic. However, I do plan on trying to have more blog posts over the summer 🙂

Today I am so excited to be doing a Friday Favs. I have pulled together my favorite things from this week. Without further ado let’s get to it!

Bun Cuff / Convertible Bracelet + Necklace 

Tassels are a huge trend this summer & I have been loving it!


How adorable is this little pup?!?!


This is from an online boutique called Brooke & Arrow. I have been following them on Instagram and love everything they come out with. You definitely need to check them out!

Someone help me!!! I need to know where to get one of these ASAP! It looks so amazing & like the perfect summer treat.

I love doing these posts and plan on doing more soon! I also have some very exciting summer adventures coming up that I will be updating you on within the next couple of weeks. Let me know what you have been loving in the comments.

-Alissa ❤


Pinterest Find or Fail

Cinnamon Toast the Pioneer Woman Way. I've been doing it wrong my entire life!!! Seriously, this toast is awesome!:

I know many of us scroll through our pinterest feed and stare at mouth watering food, see the cutest diy’s, and find gorgeous makeup looks. Do you ever wonder how the recipe, makeup tutorial or diy craft will turn out if you tried it? Well I have, and some things turn out amazing and others don’t end up so well. Today I am starting a new series called Pinterest Find or Fail. We can figure out together what is really attainable from pinterest and what only sounds good in theory.

My first pinterest experiment that I will share today is a new way to make cinnamon sugar toast. This is seriously the best way to make it and pretty much the only way I make it now, it’s so addicting. When I realized who it was from it made sense, Ree Drummond from Food Network’s The Pioneer Woman put a spin on this ordinary recipe. When I make this I will admit I do not follow the recipe completely because it makes 16 pieces of toast. I usually make 2-4 pieces of toast so I guesstimate how much butter to use then eyeball the sugar, cinnamon, vanilla. Essentially you take all of the ingredients and mix them into the butter to make a spread, bake it in the oven and finish it off by putting it under the broiler. This is an amazing pinterest find and one that you have to try! Here is the recipe on how to make it: **Picture above is from Pinterest, however it is an accurate representation of how the recipe actually is** I didn’t have time to make this when I was writing but it looks so tempting I really want to make some now lol.

Let me know if you try this how it turns out. I hope you all have an amazing day and don’t forget to breathe the weekend is almost here 😉

Alissa ❤