Weekly Beauty Obsession

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a fabulous week. I am coming back with one of my favorite posts with a weekly beauty obsession 🙂 (even though today’s product is technically a skin care item). Over the past year I have considered skin care as part of my beauty routine. If you neglect to take good care of your skin then your makeup isn’t going to look as flawless as you want it to (no matter how “full coverage” of a foundation you get).
I have made sheet masks a part of my routine 2-3 times a week. I avoided trying them for the longest time because I thought everyone was just hyping up a product. I thought they weren’t going to work as good as I wanted. However, I was completely wrong! They are amazing, if your skin is dry, acne prone, oily or everything there is a sheet mask that will work for your face.
After trying many different brands my ultimate favorite is currently the Leader’s Insolution brand found in Ulta. These sheet masks come soaking in serum (literally the mask is drenched in serum lol). To me this is extremely important because you don’t want the sheet mask to dry out in five minutes. To ensure your face is soaking up all of the nutrients in the mask I like to leave it on as long as I can (usually 15-30 minutes). My favorite is the AC Clear treatment mask & the Hydrating mask, this time though I tried out the Tea Tree one and it’s great for when your face is breaking out.
What is your favorite sheet mask or facial to use?
-Alissa ❤


Skin Care Fav


This weeks beauty item I’ve been obsessing over  is the h2o Sea Mineral Cleanser. I was wanting a new cleanser for awhile and got so excited when I found this one. It’s suppose to hydrate your skin and it has vitamins A, C and E to help protect against aging. It really just caught my eye because it said hydrating and anti-aging benefits never hurt either 😉 I have been using this for a few weeks now and I love it! I use it at night or in the morning depending on when I feel like my skin is more dry. It comes out like a lotion and you rub it into your face, once it is fully worked in you then rinse it off. When I dry my face it feels so soft, hydrated and amazing! I definitely want to try more h2o products cause they all look so good lol. If you have tried anything from h2o let me know what I should get next.