Life Update

Hi everyone, I hope you all have had a fabulous week. I thought today I would do a little life update post as to why I’ve been M.I.A from blogging for the past week.

It started out being in a blogging rut, I had absolutely no idea what to post about. As summer is coming to an end, the excitement for fall is getting to me. I have not been wanting to post any more summer makeup looks or anything and have wanted to just jump into fall, but it’s still kind of early for that. However come September I won’t be able to wait any longer and fall posts will be here! Then, I also added coaching cheerleading back on my list and we have just ended week 2. From my evenings & nights being occupied,  to having my typical crazy work schedule and then getting into a blogging rut, I got stuck. Thankfully I finally got my schedule back on track and I have more blog ideas coming to me.

Also, I have to mention The Glossy Life officially got it’s own Twitter account! Connect with me on Twitter here and I will follow you back. I love being able to support fellow bloggers, it’s such a fun community to be apart of. Lastly, I will still continue to upload every Tuesday & Friday 🙂  so make sure you come back on Tuesday so we can hang out again.

Let me know what you are looking forward to this weekend (my plans include Netflix & my bed after I get out of work lol).

Alissa ❤


Play Ball

Good Morning, I hope everyone’s summer is going great so far! Summer is probably my favorite season, one of those reason’s is because it’s baseball season. I was so happy this weekend to finally have some time to go to a game. When your at the stadium it calls for taking as many pictures as possible and using all of the teams snapchat filters, it’s to much fun to pass up. Today I am taking you into my snapchat of game day.


Gotta keep yourself entertained on the way to the stadium. Although this is pretty much an everyday pic with my little sister lol.


Pre game, everyone was out getting food so it looks empty here. When the game actually started it was pretty full.


It was finally game time.


If you guys haven’t seen the video of “chewbacca mom” then you need to go to YouTube right now to watch it. She was so funny and it was Star Wars night at the stadium so they had her throw out the first pitch of the game.


Since this is the Tampa Bay Rays Stadium you can’t go there without going to the touch tank filled with sting rays. (Sorry it’s blurry I couldn’t upload the video, so this was the best I could get)


By the end of the game we were dead so we were trying to stay awake at this point.

I love game day’s so much it’s fun to be in the stadium with so much energy. I hope you enjoyed my little look back of the weekend. What’s your favorite summer time activity to do or go to? Until next time have a great day 🙂

Alissa ❤

Hello Weekend

Ok. So, not entirely but each day would start so happier if I didn't have to be jolted awake by that thing.... which leads to more happiness. .. so I say. .. it's a thing!:

Happy Friday!! This morning has been a spilled Starbucks drink all over the car, kind of morning. Although this quote isn’t so true for me this weekend, I have a pretty busy schedule but I am so excited for it. Tomorrow I will be up at a football field for cheerleading camp at 8:15 am, then come home, get ready and I’m off to Tampa for the evening. I will be going to the Tampa Bay Rays game with my family. Anybody who knows me, knows that I love watching baseball. I really love going to the games because there is so much to do around the stadium (sometimes I don’t even get to my seat for the game lol). Then Sunday will be spent working all afternoon. For tomorrow though I thought I would share my fun with you all so I will be periscoping periodically throughout the day.You should go follow me on periscope @alissagilbert14 so you can come along with me 🙂 I hope you all have an amazing weekend!

Alissa ❤